College Spring Break 2013

Nothing But Work

Posted 4 years ago by James Dobry

So, midterms are about now and times are getting super stressful. I am making a lot of progress in both website updates as well as finishing up the IMBC Shop, which should be up and running in just a few days! I know that the site has gone down occasionally these past few days, I have been working with the current hosting company to try to fix these, and as of right now everything should be good to go.

Outside of this, just tons of school work - like probably everyone else. Though, no time to fret, Spring Break is right around the corner and man am I excited to go down to Panama City, FL and see all the nice "scenery" and just relax for a few days.

Do not worry, IMBC will always be updated like usual. I even have been trying to post a lot more galleries outside of those weekly ones. Also, be sure to check out the music page as I always add music daily if I can: IMBC Music.