College Spring Break 2013

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  • When Your Costume Is On Point But Your Friends Cancel
  • Gay Sex
  • Slow
  • Her Version Of
  • Enjoying The Nice Weather
  • Like A Cat
  • Quiet, The Game Is On
  • Was Clearing Out My Grandparent's Basement
  • Coolest Drink Ever!!
  • And He Thought We Couldn't Get In...
  • I Should Of Thought About This Before Ordering
  • Pretending We Had A Snow Day
  • My Attempt At French Fries
  • I Lost My Wallet Last Night, Came To Find This
  • Fucking Science
  • Best

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  • Love at first sight
  • Guy Attempts To Break Car Window With His Head.
  • Between Two Ferns/Spring Break Anthem #WACKWEDNESDAYS
  • Amazing Lacrosse Play Connor Johnson
  • Bloomsburg Block Party 2013
  • President Obama Speaks at The Ohio State University Commencement Ceremony
  • Campus Ink Paint Party at USC AEPi
  • Belen vs St Thomas Water Polo Handshake
  • UGA ATO Tug of War 2013
  • Boeheimian Rhapsody [feat. Otto Tunes] (Parody of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody")
  • Elon Festivus 2013
  • Incredible shot CU football long snapper Danny Dillon
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